Newconomy to roll out Blockchain voting platform
Newconomy to roll out Blockchain voting platform
Decentralized voting system for online conference to be unveiled for Blockchain world
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Newconomy Media is making a decentralized online voting system ahead of the much-anticipated online forum, Market Challenge is on.

In a partnership with Neironix, an AI Ratings and Analytic firm and other general partners like Huobi Exchange, Newconomy Media is creating a platform where the blockchain community as well as the industry’s leading experts zero in and vote for the best performing and innovative companies in the space with a completely transparent and decentralized manner.

The online blockchain enabled voting system is now open ahead of the much-awaited Market Challenge forum that will be held for three days starting from March 26.

During the three-day forum dubbed the Market challenge: Battle of the Top 50 companies, the community will celebrate and reward winners from the transparent, blockchain based voting.

Winners will have an opportunity to present their company to global audience while discussing new and shaping trends in blockchain.

Besides, attendees will get a chance to win any of the 100 prizes on offer by Newconomy’s partners and hear from 20 of the world’s leading blockchain experts including Dr. Hans Koning TIIM, the Co-founder & CEO Vicarium.

Ahead of the forum, more than 50 companies have shown their interest. However, the door for participation is wide open and interested firms trusting on their abilities to take on new challenges while remaining community driven are free to participate. Although the stage is set for companies, the forum is also fashioned for investors, entrepreneurs and specialists.

From this rewarding conference, entrepreneurs will have first-hand information on how sustainable business models employed by market leaders excel in an unstable market still at infancy. Concurrently, specialists will have a chance to define prospective companies for employment in a burgeoning market. Meanwhile, investors shall have a clear view of the market, choose tools to evaluate a company’s reliability and where to invest in.


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